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Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas Midsayap... Can you see me?… hohoho I see you… I’m just out of my mind the time I am posting this. We’ll I bought the gift cards and sent the cards already. Getting ready for the event. Wishing everyone the best of Christmas!

Last weekend I spent some time watching Christmas movie: “Mrs Miracle” It’s a pretty good romantic, family oriented sentimental funny christmas movie… lesson learned is: ”Forgive and Let Go so you will have a betther Chrismas” and ”Past is past so forget the past, and move on”.

Well nothing can stop it now Christmas is here… Cheers everyone!




Flowers for my Baby


Flowers for my wifey and angel…



and this one is for me hahaha


Midsayap flowers-rose Midsayap fruits Midsayap strawberry

Funny Siri Conversations LOL Check her out here…


and this one too…


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