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House Ingredients



“A pinch of Patience…a dash of Kindness…a spoonful of Laughter and a heap of Love”

Got M&M’s for trick or treat


M&M's Fun Size

The signs are in, Christmas is coming…
Yah you know Christmas is right in corner when chocolates and sweets are showing up anywhere…


Creamer Cravings



Baileys Creamer and Coffee mate Creamer

When Coffee Creamer are popping up at work, you know Christmas is right at the corner to warm us.

Hmmm I think tonight I will have the Creme Brûlée and maybe next time will be the Irish Creme and next time will be the Peppermint Mocha probably, this Halloween Pumpkin Spice will be great, and my all time favorite is the French Vanilla, I like the Cinamon Vanilla Creme too……

I am not a coffee guy, just a social coffee drinker maybe and when need necessitates and nakikihingi lang po ng coffee creamer, wawa naman hehehe And coffee just makes me full of sugar again, it’s just that I want my coffee with real sugar like the real imperial sugar of Dr Pepper though the creamer itself are sweetened already… I think I need to distance myself from coffee this time to prepare my waist for a bigger consumption this Christmas season :0 hahaha

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