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Manny on Playboy


Manny Pacquiao article on playboy magazine…

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Foot Stopper of JM Marquez



According to Manny Pacquiao he is not concerned about the foot stepping of Marquez in an interview later.

And Manny Pacuiao is till the Pound per Pound King!

Why Manny Won…


Reposting: Why Manny won:
From Bro Jong Saberola FB account

In a 10-point system, the boxer­ who wins a round is given 10 points, and the other ­boxer gets nine points. (10 -9)
If there was a ­ knockdown in the round (10-8), if 2 knock downs (10-7).

… If a­ judge can’t decide who won the round, it is­ scored 10-10.
Now if u are the challenger, u must be­ the aggressor (Pacquiao vs Cotto) in very close­ rounds the­ Champion gets the 10.

For example if­ Pacquiao would just stay still and Marquez does not­ attack, Pacquiao gets the 10 and Marquez 9.
In this­ case Manny(champion) was always aggressive while­ Marquez(challenger) waits for an attack and­ counters.

Marquez’s body language fooled a lot of­ people. Making people feel that he was the winner or­ at least it was a draw. It may look like he was­ landing more punches but the tricky part here is he­ was on the defensive, luring pacquiao into his ­ tactical traps (remember the challenger must be the one­ who is aggressive to be awarded 10 ).

So even if ­ Marquez did connect more punches he gets only 9 for ­ being defensive and Manny gets the 10 for being the ­ attacker.
Pacquiao got more “10″s than ­ Marquez. Manny wins.

Pacquiao won!


Man that was a fight I nearly fell on my chair, when Marquez was punching hard Manny during rounds 5 and 6 onwards… That anchorman should have been pulled out or fired, to me that newscaster was pro-Marquez, but whenever Manny delivers good punches he doesn’t acknowledge and recognize that Marquez was hit! Manny Pacquiao’s fight tonight was really a sudden death, yet only one needs to win, good thing it was a Majority Decision that Manny should win the fight! My other side is telling that’s an inch to defeat for Manny.

That’s a fight! I’m still in euphoria! Accoding to Yahoo! Sports: “Judge Robert Hoyle had it a draw, 114-114, as did Yahoo! Sports. But judge Dave Moretti favored Pacquiao 115-113 and and Glenn Trowbridge had Pacquiao winning 116-112. Thus, Pacquiao retained his World Boxing Organization welterweight title and kept alive a mega-bout against Mayweather.”…and…”According to CompuBox(a computer that records punches), Pacquiao landed 176 of 578 punches. Marquez connected on 138 of 436 punches, preferring, as in his first two fights, to counter punch. Pacquiao had a 117-100 edge in power shots.”

With that it is very clear that Manny is the winner!


Apilado triumphs


TEMPO Manila, Philippines – Upcoming Philippine junior featherweight contender Ronnie “Baby Faced Destroyer” Apilado continued his winning streak recently when he stopped former amateur standout Rex Granada in the first round of their 10-round fight at the Midsayap Municipal Gymnasium in Midsayap, North Cotabato.

Apilado, 22, a Sunday high school student and considered as one of the young boxing stars from the Braveheart Boxing Club of North Cotabato, immediately brought the fight to the older Granada as the round started and caught the Gen. Santos City fighter with a tremendous body and head combination sending him to the canvas for a count of eight.


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