Midsayap.com Campaign

I am looking for webmasters or bloggers who are willing to promote Midsayap.com.

The Mechanics are the following: (Read it carefully)

  1. This round one of campaign is for the first 20 lucky individuals or until January 18, 2012.
  2. Your blog or website should be at least a year old and has at least 50 relevant entries.
  3. Create at least 200 word nice article about Midsayap.com and the town of Midsayap and Halad sa Sto Niño Festival
  4. and giving http://midsayap.com/about-midsayap/ as the sole outgoing URL for every Midsayap word in your article.
  5. Include Midsayap.com in your External Links or Link Exchange or Blogroll.
  6. Point every URL to http://midsayap.com/about-midsayap/
  7. One entry per blog owner or paypal account.
  8. No Paypal NO PAY. I expect every participating domain owner have a Paypal account.
  9. Article must be original.
  10. Lucky individuals, domains or webmasters will be posted here.
  11. Lastly give me the URL of your Blog Entry and Outgoing Link so you get paid by leaving a comment below.

The article must have the following key words incorporated:

  1. “Midsayap info”,”Midsayap town fiesta”, “Halad sa Sto. Niño Festival”, “about Midsayap”, Town of Midsayap”,”Midsayap News”, “Mindanao”, “Where to go in Midsayap”, “Cotabato”, “Halad”.
  2. Don’t forget to link or embed the URL of http://midsayap.com/about-midsayap/ for every Midsayap.com or Midsayap words you use.

In return you will be paid $4.00 per entry per paypal account or if you don’t have a paypal i can buy you a .info domain but you need to renew it after a year.
Uhhmmmm still scratchin’ ya head huh!? or confused, ey leave me a comment below, and I will try to clear things up.


updated 12/18/2011

  • Arlene
    #1 written by Arlene  7 years ago

    Nice campaign, son. will try to do this. promote this in your facebook page too so that friends can see.

    • admin
      #2 written by admin  7 years ago

      Thanks lene…

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