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Midsayap.com was bought on an auction way back in 2006 for $50 from Moniker.com, since then I kept playing on it, by the way my name is Emerson, I don’t live in Midsayap anymore but I left my heart in Midsayap, that’s why.  I run this website as a hobby and just for my fondness of Midsayap. This has been my playground for a while now, sometimes I get tired and don’t update it… but it’s ok nobody cares hehehe but if you care drop me a line and lets make this a happy and magical place on earth…


Anyone can submit articles for free too.


to Contact me, Just leave a message below or thru here. ’ey it’s free…*



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  • Rod Cleggs
    #1 written by Rod Cleggs  6 years ago

    Hello Emerson of Dallas :)

    You have a great website! Its good to know we are somehow kababayans since I also lived sometime of my life in Midsayap. You know we have pretty much the same hobby, making websites dedicated to our lovely hometowns. Its great that even we are far from our hometown we could still keep in touch and interact with our kababayans through our websites. I have come in contact with your website as I redirected here when I tried to reach Surallah.com which I believe that is registered to your name. If you have time. please reply to me if you are somehow willing to Sell that domain to me. would be great if we could have negotiation soon.

    Thank You and God Bless You.

    Rod Cleggs
    Dayton, OHIO. USA

    • admin
      #2 written by admin  6 years ago

      Its not for sale right now, you may ask me again in 5years, or I can let you use it for now with some conditions.

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