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Happy 75th founders day Midsayap!!!

November 25, 2011

Student of SCC Kidnapped

A student of Southern Christian College, Romy Cabaya, 23 was kidnapped in Dualing, Aleosan, Cotabato, a nephew of Aleosan Mayor Loreto Cabaya, where the kidnappers are asking for a ransom of P2million… Suspected kidnappers are a breakaway group from MILF(Moro Islamic Liveration Front). Military thinks that the group are followers of Ameril Umra Kato a founder of Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.

Halad sa Sto Niño

You know it when Halad festival is around the corner it is when you see colorful signs and sponsor banner hang or posted all over the mainstreet of Midsayap and buntings hang in every corner of Midsayap.

“Kaleidoscope buntings crisscross along the streets and psychedelic poles with narrow strips of multi-colored cloth adorn the highway.” as one of the visitors wrote somewhere.

“Halad” is a term from Cebuano and Ilonggo language which means “offering”, and “Halad sa Sto. Niño” means “Offering to Sto. Nino”. Halad Festival in Midsayap is done every third Sunday of Junuary in honor of Midsayap Patron Saint: Sto. Niño, and on this day all townsfolk celebrate the Patronal Fiesta too.

Pit Senor! Hala Bira! – will be the most common phrase throughout the festivities and to all devotees of Sto Niño.

Halad Festival is a street dancing display of beautiful tapestry of colors, ingeniously crafted native costumes and props where it is participated by groups and calling themselves as tribes; with participants hitting drums in rhythm of “Pit Señor! Hala Bira!” while the tribe is shouting in the background; variety of native instruments included; Actually, this is a very loud and noisy festival with lots of fun!


Pit señor! Hala Bira!


Halad street dancing usually starts at 7 o’clock in the morning at Crossing, Midsayap, plus the parade entourage of floats and other participating organization and that could last all morning parade, then followed by the competition showcase of tribe street dancers which is usually held at Notre Dame of Midsayap College grounds.

Halad is a big event in Midsayap, where the mainstreet are closed to any vehicle, buses and public transport are rerouted, you will see a lot of people walking and scattered throughout Midsayap, delicacy peddlers of salted peanuts, candies and sweets, corn and banana barbecue, ice drop, homemade ice cream, green mango in vinegar, santol and fruits and big names like Jollibee mobile, dunkin donuts, mister donuts join too and you can tell how much people went to the event is by the trash scattered on the streets following day; “it’s a mess of beauty”, but Midsayap local goverbnment is good at sending street sweepers.

Halad is well participated by tribes in Cotabato and sorrounding Provinces to try to get the prize money and an opportunity to participate in National Street Dancing event. To date two participants from Halad won a national street dancing competition first is the Eramis Clan and the other is the Alamada National High School tribe.

It all started in 1988, when REACT Philippines Midsayap Chapter started the Halad Festival, it was so successful that it became a yearly event until today and recognized by DOT as one major festival.

Among the highlights of Halad and Midsayap Town Fiesta event are the carnivals (Peryahan still exist to this day and usually starts from december to January), cultural shows, novena, processions, trade fairs, weekend Motocross, traditional competition and activities of all sorts, concerts and of course the street dancing competition called “Halad sa Sto. Nino” competition, and the fiesta is not a celebration without the food; So it is also a tradition most households to prepare food and that’s the very reason why food is everywhere, and usually when you’re in town you’re invited to eat in someones’ house. I can still remember way back when I was in high school we usually count how many houses we eat at and visit, and it was always a blast back then, especially with classmates around. This is also the time where family get together to celebrate in their homes to welcome family members who have been away for awhile and visiting friends.

Don’t you know that Midsayap has a festive mood all year, and the big fun usually starts on November 25 the Midsayap Foundation day, and the Christmas for December, then the New Year, then the Fiesta and Halad Festival by 3rd weekend of January, then the Valentines by February and the Graduation by March courtesy of students and colleges. From time to time all the 52 Barrios of Midsayap has their own fiesta day too, this means fun and food again all year.

Military camp to grow seedlings for greening program

PIA by Dani Doguiles and Roderick Bautista


KORONADAL CITY, Oct 28 (PIA) — A military headquarter in North Cotabato will soon be growing seedlings and producing seeds for the government’s National Greening Program (NGP).


Philippine Army’s (PA) 40th Infantry Battalion based in Barangay San Mateo, Aleosan, North Cotabato, in coordination with the office of Cotabato First District Rep. Jesus Sacdalan and the local office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is establishing a nursery and seed production area inside the army camp.



Amazon captures 2 crowns in 3rd Mayor Vicente Caballero Memorial Cup Age-Group Tennis | Sun.Star

Amazon captures 2 crowns in 3rd Mayor Vicente Caballero Memorial Cup Age-Group Tennis | Sun.Star.


DAVAO Oriental ace Jeleardo Amazona captured two titles in the 3rd Mayor Vicente Caballero Memorial Cup Age-Group Tennis Championships 2011 held at the Midsayap Tennis Courts in North Cotabato.

Amazona, a Palarong Pambansa 2011 bronze medalist, crushed Mikko Ringia of Koronadal, 10-4, in their boys 14-under finals match then hacked out a 10-7 win over Carlo Nono of Kabacan in the boys 16-under.


Child U.S. Citizenship

Few moths ago, I read about an article about pregnant Chinese women who somehow goes to the United to States to give birth so that their child can claim US citizenship. AND I know a Filipino Mom too who applied for Tourist Visa for US which she got, and came over to give birth to her son, and now the son is already a US Citizen but they are in the Philippines right now and one day the investment will pay off and this is very legal.

Italian Priest

KIDAPAWAN CITY , Mindanao , Philippines  – An Italian priest shot dead by a lone gunman inside a Catholic church compound in North Cotabato yesterday morning.

Fr. Faustino Tentorio, 59, of the Rome-based Pontifical Institute for Foreign Mission (PIME), was rushed to the Arakan Medical Specialist Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by attending physicians.


feature 2

History of Southern Christian College

From the website of Southern Christian College…

Southern Christian College has its story of origin, the people or circumstances that launced it, and who´s who managed its course thereafter. Through eveolutionary development — the original concept of SCC as a Protestant school was shaped and reshaped into an organic collection of traditions and distinctive ways. Rev. Proculo Rodriguez of Siliman University visited Midsayap in 1937. He met Mr. Bibiano Quiñones and Mr. and Mrs. Fernando dela Serna and they struck the spark of putitng up a Protestant school in Mindanao. The idea was nurtured; however, the dream did not come true even though Maguindanao Institute was opened in June 1941. Maguindanao Institute was registered as non-sectarian, a stock corporation with 37 stockholders. Mr. Quiñones, with more than half of the shares of stock of Maguindanao Institute, offered to donate his shares of stock to the new school. This kind of gesture was influential in the decision of choosing Midsayap as the site of Southern Christian College.

The Cotabato and Davao Conferences bought the present site from the stockholders of the defunct Maguindanao Institute that dissolved itself and paved the way for the new Christian school, Southern Christian College (SCC). The members of the women’s organization of both conferences raised initial contribution, cash or in-kind, to start the school´s operation. SCC was established as a non-stock, non-profit religious educational institution in 1949. It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an educational arm of United Church of Christ in the Philippines. the original incorporators, who also composed the first Board of Trustees, were: Atty. Florentino L. Martinez, Mr. Claudio P. Fajardo, Rev.Elton Brown, Mr. Clemente Dimafeliz, Dr. Samuel Royola, Rev. Manuel J. Villanueva, Mr. Fernando dela Cerna, Mr. Bibiano Quiñones, Mr. Juan Cruzado, and Mr. Emilio Albarico.

Since its foundation, Church Workers, either layperson or minister has administered Southern Christian College. Atty. Florentino L. Martinez served the SCC in 1949 to the 1950; Rev. Angel J. Alvaro, 1950-53; Prof. Guillermo Magdamo, 1953-1960; Bishop Proculo ROdriguez; 1960-63; Dr. Eliezer D. Mapanao (1965-1987); Dr. Filemon L. Lagon (1987-1994); Dr. Eliezer D. Mapanao (1994-1997); and Dr. Erlinda N. Senturias (1997- May 31, 2007).

Dr. Senturias was SCC’s first Woman College President and her servant leadership was guided with the mission that “SCC commits itself to the education of persons to understand and live God´s will in all areas in life.” The principles includes quality education that is contextualized, liberating, empowering, relevant, people as subjects of education, responsive to the needs of people, faith-rooted and grounded ecumenical, and critical and analytical processes.

SCC embarked on auxiliary programs that will provide financial under girding to continue SCC´s vision-mission in education. The SCC Feedmill that seeks to provide accessible, available and affordable livestock, feeds, was started by Rev. John Beran, a fraternal worker from the united Presbyterian Church in the USA. It was recently registered as Saranay Feeds, Product of SCC, Pride of Cotabato.

The future of SCC lies in the purpose of God, the dedication and devotion of the newly installed President of the College, the Rev. Dr. Melanio L. Aoanan.

Dr. Aoanan is a minister of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, an author, researcher and professor of Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, and Theology. He taught in several colleges and universities such as Silliman University, Philippine Christian University, De La Salle University, and Union Theological Seminary.

Dr. Aoanan is not new to Southern Christian Colleges. He had spent thirteen prolific years at the College where he was a Director of Religious Studies from 1973 to 1975; Chaplain and Dean of the College of Theology from 1982 to 1988; and an Executive officer for Spiritual Life and values Formation from 1988 to 1995. As new leader of SCC, he campaigns for the continuity of the previous leadership´s plan of pursuing for the university status for the college; for the generation of enough resources to to support the Colleges program through the establishment of endowed professional chairs; for the strengthening of relationship and linkages with other academics institutions and partner organizations; for the pursuit of the teaching faculty to engage in the complete postgsraduate studies; for the promotion of a culture of research and publications for both teaching and nonteaching personnel ; for the implementation of strategies for the an aggressive student recruitment; and for taping the goodwill and support of thousands of alumni and friends of the College.

Dr. Aaonan hopes that are by the end of his term, the College will have achieved its goal of becoming a university.courtesy from Student Handbook Revised 2008 and Reprint June 2009.




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Midsayap Coordinates:

Latitude (lat): 7°11’27″N
Longitude (lon): 124°31’49″E
Elevation (approx.): 21m

Midsayap Area Code:   (63) Philippines country code

+64 then the land line telephone number

0116364-(when calling from USA) then the land line telephone number


Midsayap Zip Code:  9410


when do halad festival starts ? The festival is a weekend celebraton and usually starts at 0700 or 7am or as early as 0500 or 5am for the formation and lining up of particiants, preparations usually from Dec to January 3rd week.

on what day do halad festival celebrated? Always on Third Sunday of January or Third Saturday of January ; depends with the organizers of Halad Festival; usually held at NDMC Grounds.


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Italian priest murdered
Italian priest killed
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on what day do halad festival celebrated? Always on Third Sunday of January or Third Saturday of January ; depends with the organizers of Halad Festival; usually held at NDMC Grounds.

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date of halad festival: every third Sunday or Saturday of January

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on what day do halad festival celebrated? Always on Third Sunday of January or Third Saturday of January ; depends with the organizers of Halad Festival; usually held at NDMC Grounds.


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