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  • Bernard Macdougall
    #1 written by Bernard Macdougall  5 years ago


    I am an Australian living in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

    Several days ago, via Facebook, Ninz [Nino] Viscayno of Poblacion 3 Midsayap contacted me, saying that he was very deeply concerned about getting milk and food for some small, impoverished children.

    Using I sent him PHP 1,000. I believe he collected it at M Lhuillier, Midsayap. He said he had a Voter’s ID.

    Next morning he said he had walked miles to the home of “Gina Cellan” and her 4-year-old daughter “Amy” in M’Lang municipality.

    Mr Viscayno said the family was extremely impoverished and that Amy was very seriously ill with suspected Dengue Fever.

    There was, he said, a jeepney available to transport Amy, her mother, Mr Viscayno and the M’lang barangay captain to the “Mount of Blessing” hospital in Libungan, but they could not afford to buy gasoline for the 2.5 hour trip.

    I sent another PHP 1,000 and to the best of my knowledge, Mr Viscayno collected that from M Lhuillier, Midsayap.

    Mr Viscayno later said Amy had been diagnosed with severe Dengue Fever and was receiving treatment in the “Mount of Blessings” hospital in Linbungan.

    He added, however, that the hospital was insisting that they must receive a payment of PHP 4,000 without delay.

    I responded that I CANNOT pay more now but will be able to raise funds by next Tuesday.

    I also said I want to talk to the hospital administrators but I do not have reliable contact details.

    Now I am unable to confirm independently that there is indeed a child of that name who is an in-patient in the Mount of Blessings hospital.

    Mr Viscayno went silent for a while but said yesterday that Amy had had a nose bleed [very likely because of a low platelet level] and required transfusions of white blood cells.

    He added that he is looking around locally for sponsors.

    Ninz Viscayno’s Facebook profile appears odd to me and I am concerned about this.

    I am also very anxious to obtain independent verification of Amy’s location and condition. A phone call or visit to the hospital is what would help most, I think.

    I’d be most grateful if you could check this and let me know your opinion at your very earliest convenience.

    Yours sincerely

    Bernard Macdougall

  • admin
    #2 written by admin  5 years ago

    I have heard a lot of stories like this… just a precaution: just be careful. But people in need is people in need! and Thanks for your good heart.

    posting your message here is all I can do right now…

  • Zeus
    #3 written by Zeus  5 years ago

    I know Nino Vizcayno personally since we have become team mates in my varsity team in high school (Notre Dame). I am not sure though of his attitude towards this. But, this is bothering.

    Verify first before sending anything.

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