I saw this post somewhere in a Midsayap page on Facebook but couldn’t find it anymore though, I just went on scrolling maybe I missed it somewhere! WELL Someone was asking if it’s ok to live in Midsayap if you’re an American citizen? My answer is Yes if you’re a naturalized citizen and has Asian features.

…but if you’re a Caucasian and cannot live without the luxuries of the east, then think twice or thrice or more… Beacause i think your safety is in question(I’m not scarring you). If you want to be safe just live below your means and blend with the people and you’ll be fine.

If you’re thinking of building a comfortable living like in the USA be warned your life is in danger. I know a comfortable living to you is a lux, where you live like a king in Midsayap: 2 car for the family and a new house probably 2000sq ft, beautifully mowed grass, and other comforts like yaya and maid, -be warned if you live a luxurious life in Midsayap and you know who will know about this… Just be warned your life is in danger.

But if you can squander 5-25mil pesos or more for ransom, that’s fine you can get couple passes for your life…

And maybe you can stock up arms and ammunitions if you want for your security, but still your life will be in danger.

Few years back I can remember 2 missionary American couple lived in facultyville and worked with SCC and UCCP they stayed couple years and I guess they had a great time with their stay, you may take this as an example, but not a guarantee.

Other than that Midsayap is a safe place, great freshwater food, people are friendly, you know everyone, fun place, couple places to do your rnr, labor is cheap, food is cheap, cost of living is very low, almost all people can understand English, six pack is 24pack(great right?!), cable is flat rate so you still will not miss NFL, organic food is readily available and you can live a months worth of your thousand bucks or less with your household, just discount the brown outs :)

Just my thought and opinion… If you have questions comments and suggestions feel free to leave me couple of lines I will respect it.