COTABATO CITY, Philippines- A five-year-old child and a three-month old infant were burned to death in a fire that razed a house in a remote village in Midsayap, North Cotabato Monday night.

Midsayap’s municipal fire officer, Rolando Marquez, said the mother of siblings Kit Alquino, 5, and three-month old Joel, was out when an unattended kerosene lamp on top of cabinet fell and started a fire inside the room where the victims slept.

“The fire was put off after a 20-minute operation. We found the charred remains of the victims on the floor of the burnt house,” Marquez said in interview with Catholic station dxMS here.

Marquez said the victims’ mother left their house some 20 minutes before neighbors saw fire and smoke billow out of its open windows.

A neighbor, Ely Palparan, said they tried to rescue the children trapped inside the burning house but could not get through because its main door was locked.

The backdoor was locked from the inside too, Palparan said.