I was browsing the internet via yahoo and found this interesting website where you can post a revolutionary idea or invention on their website: Quirky.com I went through all the ideas they have there and there are couple ideas that are really worth inventing.

I saw one of the videos that was made for them and an inventor; they were talking of a 5 digit dollar figure every month for the inventor or around $5000 to $25000 per month for just pitching in the idea.

Well this how it works at Quirky.com... all ya have to do is submit your idea and members will vote on it and staff of quirky or the development team together with their team of testers and designers will develop and brainstorm your idea, then quirky.com staff will try to market it patent it and you get at least 30% of the product value when sold to public, and thats pretty neat way of making money.