Few moths ago, I read about an article about pregnant Chinese women who somehow goes to the United to States to give birth so that their child can claim US citizenship. AND I know a Filipino Mom too who applied for Tourist Visa for US which she got, and came over to give birth to her son, and now the son is already a US Citizen but they are in the Philippines right now and one day the investment will pay off and this is very legal.

Now there are lots of benefits to the Child who are born in the US, They can claim their parents to become US Citizens later when the child reaches 21 years old, and also the child can apply for government benefits like free education and can apply to lots of scholarships, health benefits and stuff Americans enjoy. If the Child is in the Philippines and probably will be a victim of circumstances where the child’s life will be put in danger or violated, the US government can step into the issue and protect the child per US Constitution. Is that great?

Now if you are a mom and wants to give birth in the US better apply for a tourist Visa now, and go to the US and give birth, don’t worry about the expense, like what they say it will pay off one day.