Downtown Dallas TX


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North Central Expressway


Intestate 75 is Northcentral Expressway in Dallas TX, one of the busy highways of Dallas Texas

Websites that teach you to learn to code for free


The following are websites that teach you how to code, or make websites or make apps most are for free!









I think traffic in Midsayap will get worse in the coming years if the local government will not step in and implement ways to decongest this traffic problem. This problem is like the Block Out that’s happening to Mindanao right now.

Where public officials are pretending to be blind of foreseeing this future problem.

Before-  Crossing to Town is just 5 minutes drive. Now it takes you probably 15mins or more! Crazy right? 

Just sharing my frustration.

Dengue cases rises again


Midsayap, CotabATo— Reported last July 1st that there is a rise of dengue cases 4 perished 76 people were hospitalized.

Just remember prevention is still key for this season, and DON’T leave stagnant water behind, also get rid of mosquito breeding sites.

And when you start to have fever and rashes or blotchy skin patches and you feel weak and sick— seek professional help right away!


Cheapest Way to Shop Online


Ebay Amazon Newegg Walmart and big box store websites are the best way to visit before buying items online but that wont give you the cheapest…

Most say search for coupons, thats true you can buy an item for free rarely and most of the time it could bring great discount.

But for me, I have tried this and tested, that you can get the best out of your money for visiting first Google Shopping… Like if you are looking for a Canon 6D camera, search it then click the item then click the total price so it will arrange the price from lowest price to highest… and boom! it will give you the cheapest price for Canon 6D on the web.

Also before checking out try to look for coupons online, I mean search for coupons using yahoo or google because it could bring the price down some more sometimes.

Just my contribution for you to save more.

Expat Living in Midsayap?! Maybe…


I saw this post somewhere in a Midsayap page on Facebook but couldn’t find it anymore though, I just went on scrolling maybe I missed it somewhere! WELL Someone was asking if it’s ok to live in Midsayap if you’re an American citizen? My answer is Yes if you’re a naturalized citizen and has Asian features.

…but if you’re a Caucasian and cannot live without the luxuries of the east, then think twice or thrice or more… Beacause i think your safety is in question(I’m not scarring you). If you want to be safe just live below your means and blend with the people and you’ll be fine.

If you’re thinking of building a comfortable living like in the USA be warned your life is in danger. I know a comfortable living to you is a lux, where you live like a king in Midsayap: 2 car for the family and a new house probably 2000sq ft, beautifully mowed grass, and other comforts like yaya and maid, -be warned if you live a luxurious life in Midsayap and you know who will know about this… Just be warned your life is in danger.

But if you can squander 5-25mil pesos or more for ransom, that’s fine you can get couple passes for your life…

And maybe you can stock up arms and ammunitions if you want for your security, but still your life will be in danger.

Few years back I can remember 2 missionary American couple lived in facultyville and worked with SCC and UCCP they stayed couple years and I guess they had a great time with their stay, you may take this as an example, but not a guarantee.

Other than that Midsayap is a safe place, great freshwater food, people are friendly, you know everyone, fun place, couple places to do your rnr, labor is cheap, food is cheap, cost of living is very low, almost all people can understand English, six pack is 24pack(great right?!), cable is flat rate so you still will not miss NFL, organic food is readily available and you can live a months worth of your thousand bucks or less with your household, just discount the brown outs :)

Just my thought and opinion… If you have questions comments and suggestions feel free to leave me couple of lines I will respect it.

Tom Clancy delivered this quote to Loyola University 1986 graduating class:


“Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Your life may change, but your dream doesn’t have to. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Your spouse and children need not get in its way, because the dream is within you. No one can take your dream away.”



4 year old 911 call funny


Definitely there’s Politics and Corruption to this story!


I heard and read about the suspension of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Midsayap; and I can smell something wrong with this.

Looks like the Provincial Government specially the Governor is most likely benefitting from the contract of building the MegaMarket of Midsayap.

That’s why the heads of the Provincial Government suspended our Mayor and ViceMayor because they are afraid we will find out theres corruption in the deal or they will be cut off from the pockets of the contractor who is said to build the Mega Market. 

Well if you voted for these guys, i guess you liked dancing with them right now.


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