Tower cups


Tea party time


watch until you see her cry, after she dropped her tea party cup.
my girl is really heartbroken, don’t worry well keep it for now.
and wait until spring for tea party in the backyard.
thanks for watching
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AphiO forever

3 year old role play like Miss Universe 2018 winner

Just watch how she reacts to not winning… her reaction was just funny, and epic.

Disney Florida Fireworks

Hail – Just Imagine yourself getting hit by this!

Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Domain Name for Sale

if you type a domain name < like www. (yourname) .com > and you were directed to this page that means that domain is for sale.


I am asking $5000* for it, if you’re interested message me here


also I am willing to rent out the domains to cover cost.







*premium domains mean premium price.

How to Catch Pikachu!

this is how to catch Pikachu! watch… even a six year old can do it!



Ode to Joy 

Piano piece of Angel played by her teacher 

Licence Plate Collection

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