Halad 2015


My brother sent me these pictures… Until next Halad 2015







Fiesta na Sab!!!!!!


I hope everyone’s enjoying… Halad is coming up and I’m sure there’s a lot of things to do and watch…

I’m sure you gain weight after all this continued festivities which started last Christmas and new year.

And don’t miss Midsayap Halad 2015 I heard prize money is bigger this time…

I just wish I’m in Midsayap right now… I’m surely missing a lot if things.











Good bye hard drive or cloud storage


I noticed that I only use cloud storage and hard drives for pictures and videos the most.

I have a dongle for hard drives and multiple pc’s in my home office but pictures were just the ones occupying those space.

I know I need to back up my pictures and videos but I use FREE services/STORAGE or MeMORY or hard drives online. I mean totally it’s FREE!!!!!!

So this is what do.

I use Flickr.com for my pictures. Can you believe that? They offer to give you 1terabyte of storage!!!

And for Video’s I use YouTube to store all my videos, fast upload and unlimited space I guess and clips.

That’s how I get away from iCloud services that is very expensive and I couldn’t afford their monthly subscription.

amazing stroller


I am shopping for a stroller when a person I worked with suggested me to buy this… she said saw this featured at Ellen Degeneres TV Show…

Very modern…

I know its too expensive… thats why i am looking for a sponsor- I will surely place your name somewhere in the stroller like you know in Nascar…



Hotel Business


I was talking to a guy who owns hotels and he told me some good stuff on how to set up or acquire hotels:

Income per year x 3 equals the value of the hotel if you are buying

If you can come up with20% down SBA will guarantee the 80% bank loan

25% mark up
25% employees
25% expense

25% net gain

for a 1.5m gain you must reap around net 300-400T gain total in 3-5years; not much but better than being an employee according to my source.


70% of market controlled by Indians
Pakistanis are into Convenience stores



Happy New Year everyone…


This year I know will be a great one for everyone… Gas is down and so wallets will be fat…

And fiesta is coming up so don’t forget to post pictures on our Facebook page… And be don’t forget to like Midsayap.com page.

Thanks everyone 2014 was a good year so let’s just continue and strive to do better this 2015!!!

Downtown Dallas TX


Here’s the link http://flic.kr/p/oNyK49

Just my past time… Sometimes…

North Central Expressway


Intestate 75 is Northcentral Expressway in Dallas TX, one of the busy highway of Dallas Texas


Websites that teach you to learn to code for free


The following are websites that teach you how to code, or make websites or make apps most are for free!

1. Udacity.com

2. Codeacademy.com

3. Teamtreehouse.com

4. Codeschool.com

5. dash.generalassemb.ly

6. codeavengers.com



I think traffic in Midsayap will get worse in the coming years if the local government will not step in and implement ways to decongest this traffic problem. This problem is like the Block Out that’s happening to Mindanao right now.

Where public officials are pretending to be blind of foreseeing this future problem.

Before-  Crossing to Town is just 5 minutes drive. Now it takes you probably 15mins or more! Crazy right? 

Just sharing my frustration.

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